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    TRACK -JEKHANE SIMANTO TOMAAR A TRIBUTE TO LUCKY AAKHAND TAPOSH FEAT. KUMAR BISHWAJIT Singer: KUMAR BISHWAJIT Lyrics: KAUSAR AHMED CHAUDHURY Tune: LUCKY AKHAND Re-Composition & Keys: KAUSHIK HOSSAIN TAPOSH Violin: ALICJA CHRZĄSZCZ Esraj: ARSHAD KHAN Soprano: EMILIA-ANNA Mandolin: U RAJESH Bass: MOHINI DEY Drums: NELLI BUBUJANCA Guitar: RHYTHM SHAW Choir: PRIYO, NAMRATA Produced by : KAUSHIK HOSSAIN TAPOSH & FARZANA MUNNY from TM PRODUCTION exclusively for GAAN BANGLA TELEVISION All rights reserved by ONE MORE ZERO GROUP , BANGLADESH To set this song as your caller tune: GP: Type WT space 6683092 and send to 4000 Teletalk : Type TT space 6683092 and send to 5000 Robi : Type GET space 6687476 and send to 8466 Airtel: Type CT space 6687476 and send to 3123 After two Pre-Seasons, ‘Wind of Change’ is proud to declare – Season 1! The platform is still growing to keep establishing itself as an international manifesto of cultural exchange and World-renowned musicians are now joining the revolution as seen in this Season. Supported by One More Zero Group and heralded by TM Production, the expansion aims to keep enhancing the ‘Wind of Change’ experience as it sets its sight to be the new benchmark for musical fusion globally. However, The main prerogative of ‘Wind of Change’ is to make a positive impact on the world by making music for goodwill and unity. The change is meant not just for music itself but the people and by extension the various cultures it affects. In a world full of differences and disagreements, music is an eloquent instrument to bring the people together. The idea of bringing musicians from around the world together on one stage symbolizes that the world is one through the sync of soul and achieving universal peace is not just a cliché. The creators of ‘Wind of Change’, Taposh & Munny have been working relentlessly towards fulfilling the integral goal of the project, which is ‘Music for Peace’. ‘Wind of Change’ is a dedication to standing up against injustice, inequality and all form of negative energies that try to mar our beautiful world. Muse is inspiration and Music was first conceived to bring peace to the soul and its role is to realize peace as its ultimate goal. Music has no boundaries and is the most unrestricted form of expression that exists. Thus, Wind of Change has chosen its slogan, its motto to be ‘ Music for Peace’. #windofchange #music #fusion #bangla #song

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