بيناتنا في بحر، فايا يونان Baynatna fi Bahr [Lyric Video] Faia

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    For all inquiries: www.faiayounan.net كلمات وألحان: خالد الهبر توزيع: ريان الهبر منتج موسيقي: حسام عبد الخالق Lyrics by: Khaled Al Habre Composed by: Khaled Al Habre Arranged by: Rayan Al Habre Music Producer: Houssam Abdul Khalek ________________________________________________ Lyrics translation: Between us there is a sea The sea remains between us The sea waves between us connect our stories together And between us there are promised meetings that never happened because we are scattered But the dawn of every day brings us to shore Between us there is a sky and a sea from which the waves create music… music Chours I’m calling out to you, hear me I’m talking to you, understand me If you cannot understand me Maybe we can talk with music Verse 1 I’m reaching out my hand to you Good day Maybe we can write a poem together It will not matter what words we pick Neither does it matter what form or rhyme we use We are unified in our common dreams and in the hidden rhythm Verse 2 Our destiny is to live together, under a blue sky Before the sea, under the mountain, beside the field… we stay Our fate is to be, like a crazy dreamy boy who is in love with the colour of nature and the magic of this universe Listen to the music The music is all there is And at the end of the day… the sea waves are music I’m calling out to you, listen to me I’m talking to you, understand me If you cannot understand me Maybe we can talk music ________________________________________________ العازفون بيانو: ريان الهبر بايس غيتار: بشار فران إيقاعات: وليد ناصر غيتار: رمزي رمان قانون: جهاد أسعد فلوت: رامي معلوف كمنجات: ريمون ناصيف منير مخول كارو بصمجيان أنيس حاوي تم التسجيل في One Hertz Studio مهندس صوت تسجيل: جواد شعبان ميكس: خيام اللامي ماسترينغ: ستوديو رالف سليمان Musicians Keys: Rayan Habre Bass: Bashar Farran Percussion: Walid Nasser Guitars: Ramzi Remman Kanoun: Jihad Assad Flute: Ramy Maalouf Violins: Raymond Nassif Mounir Makhoul Garo Basmajian Anis Hawi Recorded and mixed at One Hertz Studio, Beirut Recording engineer: Jawad Chaaban Mixing engineer: Khyam Allami Mastered at Studio Ralph Sleiman _______________________________________ Video by: Houssam Abdul Khalek Camera: Hasan Salame & Amir Fakih Hair by: Ahmad Assi Footage of two kids by Svetlana Bakushina from "Free Stock Footage" Youtube Channel Produced by Faia Younan 2016 ________________________________________ لتفاصيل أكثر: www.faiayounan.net

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